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UGG Sheepskin Care Products

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UGG Sheepskin Care Products


Sheepskin needs a little extra care to keep it looking fresh and new. UGG has a variety of products to meet those needs. 


  • Sheepskin Protector (sold separately or in kit) helps keep water from soaking in to the sheepskin (does not waterproof)
  • Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner (sold separately or in kit) cleans and revitalizes after a long winter
  • UGG Care Kit comes with Sheepskin Protector, Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner, Sheepskin Freshener, and a multi use tool
  • Sheepskin Freshener gets rid of bacteria that can create odors
  • Multi use tool includes a sheepskin brush, a dry cleaning stone, and a contoured top to clean in grooves
  • Style No. 510/9698/9701