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Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof™

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Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof™


Easy to use WaterBased waterproofing for nubuck and suede footwear. Nubuck & Suede Proof adds water-repellency and revives breathability to nubuck and suede. Prolongs the effective lifespan and optimizes the performance of your nubuck and suede footwear.


  • Adds water repellency
  • Prolongs life and performance of all nubuck or suede footwear
  • Maintains breathability
  • Ideal for footwear with breathable linings e.g. Gore-Tex
  • Can be used on wet footwear
  • Easy to apply - spray-on can be used indoors unlike solvent based sprays
  • WaterBased - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous
  • Does not contain fluorocarbons
  • 4.2 oz (125ml) spray-on
  • Style No. 772P01